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* TextLadder 3.01

* Virtually all domains covered -- no domain-specific lists required

What is TextLadder?

TextLadder is a software tool for screening and arranging texts such that readers (usually language students) encounter new vocabulary at a rate which they can handle.

The process by which TextLadder accomplishes this is described in an article in the online journal Language Learning & Technology.

For more details about the new version of TextLadder (3.0), see the documentation section of this website.

Currently TextLadder works only on Windows platforms.

Who is TextLadder for?

TextLadder has been designed for the use of researchers, educators, and students wishing to organize their own vocabulary learning.

TextLadder is free for non-profit purposes. This means that researchers, students, and individual teachers can immediately download and use it.

Individuals or groups intent on using TextLadder for for-profit purposes, e.g. publishing companies and for-profit educational establishments, are asked to obtain a special license to do so from me. A fee will be charged for these special licenses, which will go toward improving TextLadder and continuing to provide it for free to those using it for non-profit purposes.

(For-profit educational establishments located in developing countries are exempted from the above request. Click here to see a list of the countries included in this exception.)

Download TextLadder

1) Researchers, students, and individual teachers, Click Here

2) Publishers, private educational establishments from non-developing countries, and other individuals/groups intending to use TextLadder for for-profit purposes,
Click Here

3) Educational establishments that are non-profit-based or are located in developing countries (check list to see if you are on it), Click Here

Other Software

Text Downloader Utility 1.00 beta
Text Downloader Utility is a simple program for downloading all the html and text pages linked to a given web page at once. The html and text pages are saved in text format to a folder on the user's computer of the user's choosing. The program has been designed particularly for users intent on building a corpus out of Internet-based texts.

HTML-to-Text Conversion Utility 1.00
This is an even simpler program designed to convert all the HTML
files in a folder into text files. This is useful for users who have built up a corpus of html files and now wish to convert these files into text for use with TextLadder or other corpus software that require files to be in text format. (Note that the program can convert any file with an .htm, .html, .asp, .aspx, or .cfm extension into .txt format.)

Software from other researchers
Listed below are software tools by other researchers that may be useful to ESL teachers or to researchers involved in second language studies or corpus linguistics.

1. The following programs are freely available for download here under the terms of their accompanying GNU/GPL or MIT licenses:

a) Chunker -- Marcus and Ramshaw's base noun phrase chunker.
I have simply compiled the original source files into an executable that can be run in Windows. Note, however that you still need to have a copy of Perl installed on your system for Chunker to run.

(If you would prefer to download the original source files, you can do so here.)

b) Brill -- Eric Brill's part-of-speech tagger compiled for Windows/DOS by Hamaguchi Takashi using djgpp, and accompanied by the GO32 DOS extender (both djgpp and GO32 are produced by DJ Delorie); I have added Brill's original data files to Takashi's compiled executables, and renamed these data files for use within DOS, so everything necessary to run Brill in Windows is included in this zip file.

(*Note*: Although this version of Brill works with Windows 98, Me, and 2000, it does not work with Windows XP or later versions of Windows. Windows XP or later users should download a version of Brill I have compiled using MinGW32, available below.)

Download (Windows 98, Me, 2000)
Download (Windows XP or later)

(If you would prefer to download the original files, you can find Takashi's DOS port of Brill here, DJ Delorie's GO32 and djgpp here, and Brill's original source files here.)

2. Other useful programs that you can download or use elsewhere are:

a) Range -- Paul Nation's program for generating word family frequency and coverage information over a range of texts.

b) Web VP -- Tom Cobb's online version of VocabProfile (similar to Range but provides frequency and coverage information about a single text).

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